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polyurethane resin vietnam

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Water Based Saturated Polyester Resin WQ-WL181
● After neutralized by amine,it can be infinitely diluted by water directly.
● High gloss(above 900),high hardness,high fullness,excellent flexibility,and ageing resistance(QUVA>1000h)
● Excellent shear stability;it can be grinded with dispersions directly.
● Good pigment and filler wettability;it can be grinded in the presence of no or little wetting agent
● Applicable to amino baking type and all types of decorative top coatings.
Technical Index
Appearance:light yellow to light brown transparent viscous liquid
Solid Content:75%(120℃,30min)
Acid Value:25 mg KOH/g
Hydroxyl Value:100-120 mg KOH/g
WL-181 is a kind of water based saturated polyester resin,and can be diluted by deionized water infinitely.It is stable under alkaline condition,so the diluted resin and lacquer shall be stored under weak alkaline condition.The viscosity of the emulsion will increase as the pH value increases.
The diluted emulsion has the excellent shear stability,and therefore can directly be used in pigment paste grinding.After crosslink with amino,the paint film has excellent hardness and flexibility,high gloss,and high fullness,and therefore can be used for highly decorative top coatings,such as all kinds of hardness metal surfaces or wood surfaces.
The etherfied water based amino is recommend for crosslinking.The consumption is 35-40%of the resin consumption,and the baking temperature is above 130℃.
Paint film property
WL-181 paint film property
Film thickness(μm)25
Adhesion(Cross-cut tape test)≤Grade 1GB/T1720-79
Impact resistance(kg,cm)50GB/1732-93
Hardness3HPencil hardness
Resistance to butanone rub>100times
Baking condition1500/20min
Other Product:
product namenon-volatileepoxy
WQ-WL18181±2120/30-70*1.14±0.01good flexibility,high gloss,high fullness,resin high   activity, fast cross-linking under low temperaturesaturated polyester amino baking varnish
WQ-ASP032575±2115/30-80*1.06±0.01good weather resistance,high gloss,high fullness,high   hardnessWater based polyester amino baking varnish
WQ-SP87576±2105/30-70*1.11±0.01high gloss,high hardness,high fullness,good   recoatabilitysaturated polyester amino baking varnish
WQ-SD84247±21107-9300-10001.07±0.01very low VOC content,high gloss,high fullness,excellent   weather resistanceWater based amino baking varnish top coat
WQ-SD84042±2938-92000-50001.05±0.01high gloss,excellent weather resistance,,water   resistance,acid and alkali resistance,abrasion resistanceWater based amino baking varnish top coat
Packing Details:
1. Are you manufacture factory or trading company?
A: We are manufacture factory. We also have our own trading company for exporting. And you are welcomed to visit us for inspection. Our workshop and the quality control flow will show you our professional.
2. Can you supply samples for test?
A: Yes, we can supply samples for free, and you just need to pay for the shipping cost.
3. What is your MOQ?
A: Our MOQ is 1000 kg. and we accept mixed order.
4.Can you supply OEM service?
A: Yes, we can.
5. What is your payment?
A:30% deposit, 70% T/T after shipping or L/C at sightpolyurethane resin vietnam
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