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Double Deck Carousel suppliers

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Our History
Wanle amusement equipment company, founded in 1996, located in Zhengzhou China. Start from carousel manufacturing, now specially in manufacturing small and medium-sized amusement equipment. More concentrate on the products quality and after sale service. Have good reputation in domestic and foreign markets and new products increased each year.
Our Factory
Our factory is 25000 square meters, have FRP producing workshop, machine workshop, painting room, parts producing workshop, storage room, and show room 6 parts. More than 10 people in design, more than 90 manufacturing workers. Being a source of development, we are very focus on lean manufacturing, high-level configuration, striking appearance, professional mechanical principle make products with stable and reliable operation.
Our Product
Family rides, kiddie rides, carousel rides, swing rides, carnival rides, thrill rides.
Product Application
Amusement parks, theme parks, hotel park, family entertainment center and so on.
Our Certificate
CE certificate, product patent certificates.
Production Market
Belgium, Turkey, Algeria, Spain, Mexico, Russia, France, Korea and some middle east countries.
Our service
*Sales before: Professional seller help to introduce the details of the products more suitable for clients.
*After order: Seller responsible following the order process, check the package, inform delivery time and other details.
*After sale service:
1. Our company will send some small parts free delivery together with the machine to help maintain.
2. Warranty one year free repair service.
3. Whole life technical support. Double Deck Carousel suppliers
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