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Ground Mounting System Manufacturers China

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Mounting structure for solar panel
This Pile ground mounitng structure of solar panel fit for most of commercially available solar panels and different foundations, and they can scale easily from small to large installations. It is designed to stand up to the extreme weather complied with the international structure load standard. The main support components were tested to guaranty its structure and load-carrying capacity. From selection of raw materials, procurement and production process, Wanhos solar all has a strict control process to ensure the ground mount structural strength and the life of system.
In pile ground system, open post can be piled into ground 1-2 meters by pile machine quickly, then easily mounting the pre-assembled Al-Beam structure, ER rail with clamps.
Our mission is to simply your installation and ensure the structure safety. Wanhos solar, your best choice.

1. Quick Installation:  Professional design and more than 40% pre-assembled.
2. High Quality & Good Price: High quality with most competitive prices.
3. Flexible and adjustable: Smart design to reduce the difficulty of the installation on the most condition.
4. Safety Guarantee:  Check and test the structure strictly to against the extrme weather condition.
5. Strictly Quality Control: Strictly control  to ensure the structural strength and the life of system.
6. Guarantee: 10 years guarantee for the material and structure and 25 years duration.
Our service:
Design customized solutions for different customers
Offer high quality products and comprehensive services to meet the increasing market demands.
Short delivery time, ususlly 10-25 days
Support OEM
Our Workshop & Certification
Any demand please feel free to contact Cindy Lin
Tel: 0086-592-5023036
WhatsApp/Wechat:  0086-157 5922 0554
E-mail / Skype:  cindy@wanhos.comGround Mounting System Manufacturers China
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