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Disposable Restroom Kits Free Sample

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▲ Our History
1998: Set up a small factory to produce toilet seat cover paper
2000: Expand production line to produce paper towel, and registered brand”Ajita“
2001: Get the export license to export the toilet seat cover paper to Italy, United States
2003: Get cooperation with China Walmart for the products of toilet seat cover paper, and roll tissue.
2006: More and more hotel, restaurant, office building use toilet seat cover paper and big size roll tissue.
2010: Set up the production factory in Liaoning, take advantage of the material and low labor cost.
2011: We were trying to design a machine in order to fold toilet seat cover paper automatically.
▲ Our Factory
Shenzhen Meidi paper Co., Ltd is a professional manufacture specialized in toilet seat cover paper, hand towel paper, roll tissue.
Our mission: Concentrate on working, honest on serving customers, creative on designing&researching, eco-friendly& healthy on products.
We have been engaged in production of disposable toilet seat cover paper since 1998. We registered brand”Ajita “ in China,
and serving for many 5-star hotels, big restaurants, office buildings and hospitals for many years,
and establish a popular brand because of the good quality material paper and easy use features.
OEM/ODM is our main business service for overseas market. You can customized your own brand and packaging.
Our toilet seat cover paper has been exported to Italy, France, Russia, USA and win good reputation from customers.
The paper we use is easily breakdown in the water, and don’t block the toilet.We offer packaging box free if order toilet seat covers from us.
The box is designed base on the specification of toilet seat cover pack, it can keep the washroom clean.
According to the application place of papers, our products includes below series:
Household series: disposable toilet seat papers, small jumble roll tissues, kitchen paper towels
Public place series: Big jumble roll tissues, paper towels,250sheets disposable toilet seat cover papers.
Traveling series: pocket pack tissue, pocket pack disposable toilet seat cover papers.
If any inquiry, please feel free contact with us to get more details.Thanks.
▲ Our Product
Toilet seat paper,towel paper,roll tissue paper
▲ Product Application
Public toilets: Traveling, business trip, office toilet, restaurant, hotel, shopping, hospital
▲ Our Certificate
▲ Production Equipment
HX-XPZ-1575: JumboRollSlittingAndRewindingToiletPaperMachine/BigToiletPaperRollMachine
Toilet seat paper cutting machineDisposable Restroom Kits Free Sample
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